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What is Direct Primary Care?

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A Different Kind of Medical Practice

Direct Primary Care is a new healthcare approach where physicians and patients forge relationships independent of insurance companies. Under this innovative payment model, patients pay a monthly membership fee, granting them access to a host of various primary care medical services and procedures by their physician. This fosters a direct and personalized connection with their physician.

What sets this model apart is the substantial amount of time physicians can allocate to each patient. The monthly membership fee covers multiple communication channels, including phone, email, video chat, and face-to-face appointments, eliminating co-pays. Many in-office procedures are provided at no additional cost. Laboratory, pathology and radiology services come with remarkable discounts, often up to a staggering 80% less than insurance-based prices.

Direct Primary Care simplifies the healthcare landscape by cutting out intermediaries and complex layers, prioritizing a return to personalized customer service reminiscent of the golden era of family medicine.

At Link Family Medicine, your physician is employed by you.

direct primary care

Allows your physician at
Link Family Medicine to...

Know You

We allocate 30 to 60 minutes for every appointment, ensuring your doctor has ample time to attentively listen, understand your unique needs, and develop a tailored plan that suits you perfectly. This approach is deeply personalized, and we believe it's precisely the way it should be.

Have Time For You

We maintain a low doctor-to-client ratio to ensure prompt access to care. Say goodbye to waiting three weeks for an appointment or spending an hour in the waiting room. We understand the importance of your time and respect it.

Answer You

You will have direct access to your doctor's phone number, allowing you to reach out whenever necessary, even beyond regular hours and on weekends. Many inquiries can be resolved over the phone, saving you both time and hassle.

Empower You

You are the expert on your own body. Our scheduling includes time for your doctor to address your medical needs and also to educate you on how to tune into your body and make healthier choices.

Advocate for You

We assist in guiding your healthcare journey by securing discounts on laboratory tests and medical imaging, consulting with specialists, and coordinating any additional care you may require from other healthcare experts.

Care for You

We never impose co-pays for office visits, text messages, phone calls, or chats, regardless of how frequently you utilize them. Moreover, we always provide transparent cost estimates for procedures (typically below $25) in advance, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free access to the care you require.
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